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Be Unexpected

No place like home

I live in Essex but grew up in South West London, in a part that is incredibly culturally and socially diverse. Today we visited my parents who still live there. While I try and visit as often as I can, life does, unavoidably, get in the way at times and as such it always astounds me how quickly things can and do change.

A couple of visits ago I noticed some graffiti murals that had seemingly sprung up from nowhere. At first I thought that they were just the random Banksy-esque scrawls of a delinquent (albeit a talented one), but as it turns out, the council actually commissioned the pieces.

Step back, look deeper.

Taken at face value these could just be the bold brush strokes of some nameless talent, but as you look closer, or rather step back and look deeper,  you can almost hear the voice of the artist. Every time I’ve seen them since, I have noticed some detail that I missed the time before, have understood a little more about what each one is trying to tell me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

While some people will inevitably deem them to be nothing more than garish eyesores (and honestly, I hope never to socialise with those people… sorry), I believe them to be stunning, modern pieces of art. For me, they are the embodiment of all that art should stand for and be: They dare to be different, to say exactly what the artist wants to say – irrespective of what others think, to be controversial. They evoke discussion and they call into question – really challenge the concept of – what is beautiful.

I love them and they evoke in me, as a creative type, the sudden urge to make something unexpected… What do you think?



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An Apple a Day

Apples remind me of my mother

My mother is a retired nurse. She came to the UK at the age of 19, all the way from Barbados and moved from hospital to hospital until she settled on one in South West London. She lived out her career there as a paediatric nurse, and a darn good one at that.

Growing up, there wasn’t a pill, potion or proverb that my mother didn’t possess in order to fix whatever ailed us. But more often than not she’d conclude that drinking plenty of fluids, or having a cup of sweetened tea, was all that was necessary.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Whilst I only recall mother using this particular phrase once or twice, she loves to come out with these pearls of wisdom, as if she had coined them herself. This particular one reminds me of her and her relentless positivity. Her belief that, perhaps, we are all responsible for, and in control of, our own destinies.

Teacher’s Pet

Apples also remind me of my father. He’s a retired school teacher. 40 years in a boys school in South West London and he managed to earn the respect and admiration of most, if not all, of his students. One of his ex-students is now an MP, and even in his 40s, this man still refers to my father as “Sir” when he’s campaigning door-to-door.

An apple for Teacher

My father would always stand up for his students if they’d been wronged, would always fight their corner when others had washed their hands of them. He was an awesome teacher; firm but fair and so down to earth that the boys always wanted to be in his good graces. I’m not sure that any of them bought him actual apples, but metaphorically speaking, he had an orchard full.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Except sometimes it does.

So apples remind me of my mother. And apples remind me of my father. But I am my own person and I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. So while I wanted to create something that reminded me of my parents, I of course had to put my own, silly, sarcastic spin on things.

So I took an apple… made it pretty… and then made it… well… me! 🙂



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Sea Life Trio

It started with blue.

My button art pieces are inspired by many different things. Sometimes something I’ve seen, sometimes a suggestion from a friend. This week I was inspired by a colour. I bought a pack of gems, which were beautiful shades of blue and turqoise, and I knew I wanted to use them. But what to make? Well, the colourway instantly made me think of the sea, and much of my button art so far has been of animals, so it wasn’t long before the idea of a seahorse came to mind.


After some playing around to get the shape right,  Sid was born.  I should say here that I name all my button art, it started with Eddie the Elephant; he was such a grand labour of love that I felt he’d taken on a life of his own, that he deserved a name, and the trend has since continued.

Sid is stunning – if i do say so myself! -and I was very pleased with him, but for the first time I felt that even though he was finished, I wasn’t.

So the following day I made Doris…


…and then yesterday, Trevor joined the fun.


I’m not sure if they are meant to be together, like a triptych, or whether they’re just a ‘range’ within my art, but there you have it. Perhaps i’ll male them some more friends, perhaps they’ll stay as a triple act. Who knows?

Sometimes thats the thing with art, you end up with something that has almost manifested itself. I certainly didn’t plan this gorgeously sparkly trio of sea life, but here they are.

sealife trio

And it all started with blue.

What inspires you?